She said, 'What's going on in your relationship?'

And that's when I knew that

a) she had a gift


b) this feng shui stuff was real.

My first session with coach, Tandy Pryor, confirmed a truth I did not want to see. She pointed out, just by noticing the way my couch was arranged, that I was hiding how yucky my relationship with my husband was.

Yep, one catty corner couch was apparently blocking off my relationship corner and hiding it.

Have you ever had a gut feeling you tried to ignore with all your might, and yet finally listening and taking action would reveal your prodding wisdom was right?

Tandy and the feng shui were right. One look at how I had my couch positioned and she nailed it. I had been fighting and at odds with the person I married and my hopes of making it better were not resulting in any changes.

Despite my agreement with how right she was, I resisted her insight FOR YEARS. But I finally moved that couch, metaphorically, and by doing that I MOVED MOUNTAINS.

After fighting to make things work with my husband I decided to move on. I remembered how the couch was one little telling sign that my environment was speaking through me about what needed to change. It seemed so simple, it's just a couch, right?

Well, if our beliefs inform our behaviors then the way we set up our homes (with our behaviors) is going to be a reflection of our beliefs. If our beliefs culminate in our personality then our homes are really a reflection of who we are. Therefore, a certain amount of insight can be obtained from how a home 'reads'.

By taking that comment about the couch and looking at every aspect of my home I saw a lot of fixing up that needed to happen. By understanding that my home represented my values when I looked around at this initial realization I did not like what I saw.

So I change who I was being on the inside by taking a drastic renovation, literally, on the outside. By moving apartments from a cruddy one to a fixer upper, and then to a nicer home and then onward to a fabulous apartment, I noticed a shift in my personality and my world every time.

I was creating momentum in my life by working with coaches, but also by continuously looking at my home environment and asking myself, is this who I want to be? If the answer was no, then I would change it. Sometimes these changes came regardless of whether or not I had the immediate funds to do so. I had started seeing that by valuing myself more as a person, my clients would value me more as well, and more money would flow toward me as a result.

By doing these home transformations, my business grew by A LOT, amazing new friends appeared, and really cool opportunities would pop up often. All these things had stood out of reach until I corrected my space for them.

I'm not asking you to believe.

I'm asking you to trust.

When your gut yanks at your brain....listen.


It's a shortcut to adding more to your life.

When I resist listening to my gut, I remember that moving the couch can move mountains. It's that simple.

Our spaces that we live in actually mirror our hearts and our minds. When you choose to live in beauty, you start to become in agreement with a natural flow and things start to get easier. That's because the things you are drawn toward are things we are meant to have.

We love to help people live in beauty because we understand what an impact your space has on your life.

If you could do one simple thing to enhance your life from where you are right now, I always advise to get rid of clutter. Get that darn Marie Kondo book and go to town. But above that, after you create space to breathe, look at what's left and see what wants to be better, bolder, or what is left to be added...then add it!

Creating a space for yourself that feels super beautiful is one of the highest form of self-love you can partake in. </