How to Work with a Designer to Design Your Story

The first time I had a client who allowed me to really go for it and design with all the unlimited budget I had trained for it scared me.

He said, 'I want you to make it amazing', and then didn't really tell me much about what he wanted.

I really wanted it to be right, yet I needed to discover what 'right' was for him, not me.

So how do you know when a design is 'right'? In creating the right setting for someone else a designer has to get bold, and I don't mean by bringing bold ideas. Well designed spaces happen when your designer is more focused on you and your vision than their cool ideas.

A designer should ask bold questions, and then listen so client can find bold answers. Listening is what we do best at Flourish and why each of our client projects looks unique and different. I learned that listening trumps trendy design ideas every time. If I didn't set aside my college student ego and listen I wouldn't have heard what my client really wanted.

His landscape wouldn't have been 'right'.

I asked lots of questions about how he and his family play, travel, and relax. I watched them and their busy schedules and saw how sweetly the kids used their many toys. I realized this family wouldn't pay too much attention to the landscape itself, so I made it as low maintenance as can be.

I pulled from their eccentric and fun loving personalities to make a woodsy oasis that would serve as a backdrop for their amazing views from their treehouse like home.


I made it totally deer resistant, too.

After almost three years of building and tweaking he called me one evening to say, 'Wow, you really know what you're doing.' That's when I knew it was right.

People ask us to create places that fit their needs and that they can create memories in. They don't ask us for my coolest ideas. Essentially, we are helping them write their story of their life. I give them a stage in which they will live their story.

Have you chosen to write your story? Or are you letting your story write you?

It might sound crazy, but design has taught me that engaging in your story with intention is a way live in an authentic version of what luxury means to you. Looking at your home to see what needs to be updated, fixed, or sorted out is a way to see where you need to evolve next.

Our homes are our mirrors of our own self growth.

We are passionate about helping you live your story in your home because that is the only place where you have the ability to infuse your entire surroundings with intention.

Instead of the laundry telling you you're too busy, did you know you can buy time by delegating those chores? That's what I did back when I was building my business. I didn't really have money for the teenager down the street to fold my clothes, but I REALLY didn't have the time to do that and run my business, too.

Don't let a squeaky door frame annoy you every time you come home. Those noises and quirks you've gotten used to? They are allowing you to settle. Make a punch list for the handyman and uplevel your home atmosphere to flow with ease.

What about the way your home is laid out? Whether indoors or outdoors your home is about you. The way you function and the things you love in life should be represented to create a picture of who you are and show what you value most.

Of course, you can get help with creating your space to fit your needs, and I recommend that you do so. Even I hire a designer now and then to give me insight on my space to see if I've missed something. I bring new designers to our team to reveal a fresh perspective when a client project needs it.

Having a translator for your vision where their expertise can allow who you are to shine doesn't have to be expensive. If you aren't game for a full design project, you can always choose to work with a designer who will consult on an hourly basis, as we do for our smaller projects.

The main thing is you want to work with someone who you know will listen well. You want your voice to shine through in the space you live so you can feel comfortable and confident at home. The more you share about who you are and how you live, the more accurate your space can become, as long as you have professionals who will listen.

If you find that you would like to speak with someone from our team about your next outdoor project, you can reach out by clicking a link to our calendar right here.