Internal Spring Cleaning

A few years ago after some major shifts and changes, I got out a big piece of paper. On one side I wrote 'Chopping Block’ and on the other ‘Uplift’. As a visual person I needed to see things written down in order to digest what had just place. Under Chopping Block I listed the people, places, and things in my life that I cut out. Under Uplift, I listed the people, places, and things that took the place of that which had been removed.

When you are going for a change in your life most often you need to address your environment as well. If something is not working for you, it must go. If it sounds savage it's really just necessary for a lasting transformation to take place.

There is also a mirror effect between our environment and who we are. As a designer I notice all the ways people's homes and the things they allow in their lives are reflections of who they're being. Being intentional about your environment is a powerful tool for self growth. I constantly address my environment not just to make sure it's beautiful but also to see that it's appropriate for who I want to be.

When I can’t understand my roadmap in life, I look at clues from my surroundings and ask, 'What is triggering me, and what is causing me stress?'. And then I go to work, slicing and dicing. Then I savor the renewal that comes with making space. My chopping block brought about profound change. When I do this the beautiful possibilities I need show up much more clearly. If you are curious about how to begin your own environment renewal, take a look at my list of favorite ways to begin.

Get that Marie Kondo book and seriously do it!

If you haven't seen the hype about this, I want you to know how truly life changing 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' really is. By reading AND following the KonMarie Method you will be surprised at the uplifting feeling that comes from purging in her particular way. Like any great method, if you skip parts, it won't work. The key for most people will be letting go of nostalgia to make room for current greatness.

It is something I routinely do now once a year, but the first time it took a couple of rounds for it to fully sink in at my home. I am known to be very organized as the author will share she thought she was, too. By doing as she says to a 'T', there is nothing short of a joyful high left to feel each time I do it and I highly recommend it.

Block out a whole weekend to make a Marie Kondo party in your house and you won't regret it.

Look at your social circle and make adjustments.

Well designed homes make us feel wonderful and at our best. When we are at our best, we naturally want to share our lives with our friends. Our friends are part of our environment. They are an intimate part of the world that influences us. When we allow people in our circle that are dragging down our lives they keep us stuck and uncomfortable.

When people complain, create drama, act codependently, project, or are downright toxic they prevent us from feeling our best. By clearing these people out of the way, you allow room for more appropriate ones. It may sound harsh, but as an entrepreneur I also coach other small business owners through major growth spurts. Assessing people in their lives is one crucial area we look at in terms of allowing them to really get the results they want in their life.

Many times purging the people who are energy vampires, control freaks, or just plain uncool will be quite uplifting.

Add something fun to your routine.

Most people aren't having enough fun. There, I said it. I even check myself often and ask if I have been taking enough time to play. As adults we tend to skip over unstructured time in favor of working, doing some activity for an obligation, or just zoning at a screen.

Once you purge some things, you'll want to add something fun in. For me it was karaoke and guitar lessons. I had always wanted to have a creative outlet, and there it was, just waiting for me to schedule it. Put your fun on the calendar and don't allow anything to take it's place.

I know it can feel really scary or awkward but trust me, fun brings out the best in our natural way of being. I use the 'fun method' in my business all the time as the BEST way to get clear on a business decision. When I get stuck, I take a break and do something fun. The answer usually arrives with ease later.

Being intentional matters.

When Flourish helps families create their new outdoor living spaces, we always ask bigger questions to try to understand how they want to enjoy their lives. Our job isn't done if we haven't allowed them to be more of who they want to be. Even if we choose some beautiful plants and patio stone for them, it doesn't mean they will enjoy it.

By listening to the vision they have for who they want to be and how they want to feel in their new space, we can begin translating something unique. Our work isn't about how cool our ideas are, it's really about how our clients want their lives to unfold. We help them make the right setting for this.

Your home and the rest of your environment support who you are and reiterate how you value yourself. If you want to discuss your outdoor living space with someone from our team, click here! We'd love to hear from you.