Inspiring Swedish Design

With no real ancestral heritage in the Swedish direction that I can think of, I have decided I am a kindred Swedish soul regardless.

Why? The Swedish are design savvy. One trip to Sweden almost ten years ago I was amazed to see how each person integrated the love of nature and design into their homes and teh places they liked to hang out. And there was lots of inspiration to enjoy!

There were formal yet eccentric gardens, gardens in every backyard (and front!), window boxes and containers everywhere, historic preservation galore, castles, woodland cottages, cozy interiors, clean and bright interiors, contemporary architecture, an archipelago, snow, reindeer, Pippy Longstocking was created there (!), mushroom hunting, blueberry hunting, wine drinking, crayfish parties, lackadaisical meadows, viking heritage, and really fun loving people people.

The list does go on.

In the past I have celebrated the Swedes in all their coolness because these are folks who have mastered the art of loving Winter through design.

Authentic and nature-inspired beauty is what we’re all about. Check out our Pinterest board full of these take-aways to improve your design experience this winter.