Why Intentional Down Time Matters

So often, we find our lives suddenly “too busy.” Calendars feel full to bursting, the thought of finding time to make a delicious dinner is too time-consuming, and our careers seem to be on the verge of either falling apart or going gang-busters.

Allowing space for rest and relationships is just as important as doing work related tasks or getting things done. Our homes will tell us what our priorities are.

When there is laundry half-folded on the dining room table, family meals are not our priority regardless of what we may say. A desk that has no space for you to write or hop on your laptop does not promote productivity. An outdoor patio with furniture stacked, dirty, and weather-stained is not allowing space for gatherings and conversations. These are signs to take it down a notch.

By intentionally scheduling down time you allow the value of who you are all the time, not just when you are doing things, to emerge. When you could be spending the time making money but choose to spend fifteen minutes a day outside or with a friend, you are going to value that time more. A clean dining room table ready for use is going to create an atmosphere for family to grow closer and to value that meal spent together. These are the moments we are working hard for anyway.

Never hesitate to put down time on your calendar as a non-negotiable that cannot be changed. While you're at it, see if there are a few things on your list of to-do's that could be delegated so you can be more present. Where are you trying to GO, anyway. Use your home to set up for the life you want to live NOW by prioritizing how you want to spend your time. Let the clutter go to the cleaning lady and maybe have a few prepped meals per week so you aren't rushing so much.

Authentic Luxury Design Tip

When we allow space for even the smaller life events rather than focusing on the daunting, time-consuming ones, we are making a decision to live a memorable life and take notice of the beauty around us.

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