Levels of Fanciness & Authentic Luxury

If you type the word ‘fancy’ into Pinterest, a giant mess of pictures shows up: recipes using heirloom tomatoes, herbs in ice cubes, a mixture of both casual sundresses and all-out ballgowns, and lots of chocolate inspired cocktails.

What does fancy really look like? Do we know anymore? What is my level of fancy?

Fanciness is an elevation of your normal. It holds a sacred specialness. A fancy affair has a weightiness to it, a change in the atmosphere.

Berries Pavlova, a fancy dessert

Picture this: you are preparing to host a special evening with a few close friends to celebrate someone’s promotion. You know how hard they worked, the extra hours they put in, the dedication through the tough times, and you know that the dinner must reflect the true achievement this friend has acquired.

You’re going to use your best plates, your best glasses, the recipe you know they love. You are going to clean your place and decorate and set the mood. The mood is fancy. The night is about your friend and making them feel like they are priceless. Nothing is too out of reach for them tonight. You want to provide for every possible need.

It’s not necessarily about how much you spent on these dishes or how much the food cost as a grand total: it’s about the space you are creating for them to feel fancy. These are plates you took out for them, this is a meal you took time to make for them.

And when it comes to levels of fanciness for ourselves in our own lives, we know what makes us feel special, what we view as decadent. It may not be someone else’s style of fancy, but the feeling is the same. It takes our breath away, it makes us feel special— like we are the guest of honor and everyone’s been waiting for you.

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