How to Be Festive, Simple, Healthy, and Different

Why not say no to overwhelm and pick a few delightful ways to entertain your own entertaining skills this year for the holidays? Or just do something sweet and selfish for yourself?

Obtaining an evocative scent used to drive me to go sneaking off with pruners to the nearest cemetery to grab some arborvitae on a secretive spree. Now I advocate taking cuttings from sanctioned properties or buying fresh from a local vendor, but in terms of a quick fix for finding yourself in a festive mood, I think you can't beat a great fragrance.

Even those tabletop Rosemary trees are fun if you pinch a little off here and there until the heat from your indoors drives it to dry up. I love having something really pungent to add to soups or to just rub between my fingers and inhale it's juicy scent as a pick me up.

High quality soy candles or a holiday blend of essential oils are also in constant use at my home starting mid-November. I use both Young Living and doTerra oils and nothing of a lesser grade because the actual emotional uplift from these high quality oils are far superior to most others in the quickly expanding marketplace. My favorite ones are ANYTHING evergreen related like Pine, Juniper, Cedarwood, or Fir. Both companies have delightful holiday blends like Christmas Spirit by Young Living. The Cinnamon Bark, Clove, and Orange all work well mixed in with the others in a diffuser or applied topically. Not only are these seriously fun pick-me-ups but depending on their usage they offer health benefits, too.

I will do whatever it takes to turn the journey into grayness something of a pleasant ride I'm in charge of. Be aware of how commanding the lack of sun is in your own mood and how your environment is the one friend that you can set up to lift you up and out of any dark slumps.

Flourish offers decorative containers for our clients as part of our installation services, and we like to collect a variety of surprising natural items that stand out in Winter containers in particular. Our clients HAVE to have the best and we always want it to be something different. We take inspiration from Detroit Garden Works often, take a look...

Things we gather are Magnolia branches, the seed heads of ornamental grasses, and yellow twig dogwood. We also use Juniper, but arborvitae is my favorite because of its' staying power as it doesn't brown too quickly. Boxwood is fun, too, but I never wanted to jeopardize a nice looking boxwood to get it. Dried eucalyptus and magnolia work well if you can spray paint them.

In striving to top what we've done before, the Contemporary Arts Center has been a fun place to try something new each year as our goal is to make a Winter display that sets of the world famous Zaha Hadid building and also doesn't look like anything anyone else is doing.

Hmmm, notice how all my holiday treats surround plants! I also love bringing in tunes to help me celebrate and to be honest, I'd love to know what you're listening to so pop me a message and share your playlist if you don't mind. Otherwise I'll be playing the Charlie Brown Christmas songs on heavy rotation.

If you need help planning your outdoor living space and like our holistic approach to authentic living, don't hesitate to reach out on our home page. We'd love to help you plan.