Gin Garden for a Hobby Distiller

We never know what out of the box projects will come our way and we seem to attract the most unique of clients. Recently we had a request to incorporate botanicals into a landscape that could be used in a homeowner's hobby gin distillery.

Or response? We began exploring the plants that would work and came up with a surprisingly large list of botanicals that would not only infuse well with this gin, but also look beautiful in the garden. If there is one thing I am sure of is helping people choose the proper edible and ingestible plants for their garden.

Chris in particular, I believe manifested this one as he is a fan of gin and has been telling me fun facts about gin and gin drinks this Summer - stopping by each juniper to enjoy their scent and point out their berries, which are what is used to distill gin.

The Process

In transforming an old pool house into a gin distilling room our client had the perfect space to grow some choice specimens. We simply fenced off an area to contain the former pool - now filled in - that would host all the fragrant and pungent infusion ready plants as well as a sturdy hops pergola.

Chris reviewing the site during the design phase.

One suggestion we had was to incorporate the appropriate type of seating that would allow the homeowners to enjoy their homemade drinks in the garden area, so we asked them how many people they might entertain and created a plan to suit their future gatherings.

We also know very well that most of the plants that seem tasty to us are also favorites of the deer, and that is why most of the gin botanicals are going to live inside of a fenced in area. We made a special accommodation for their dog who will want to run under the gate but still keep the high hopping deer from getting inside.

While the process of selecting the right plants was key, we knew the garden needed to look aesthetically pleasing and we did not compromise there. We were partly inspired by the gravel surfaces of European gardens with herbs and timeless granite cobble edging since this garden space would also include European herbs and have an intimate scale. We also planned irrigation and low maintenance plantings to suit the travel lifestyle of the homeowners.

Our plan and plant list ended up looking like this:

Authentic Luxury

What we love about this project is that this client intends to use his space for a passion project. Having a space in your home to do things that are just pure fun is a really important piece in nourishing your authentic self. People who invest in projects that help them do more of what brings them joy end up having more consistent joy in their lives. The best place to create spaces for these passion pursuits is in your home.

Here is an inspiration image we used when creating the feel for this client's space from

'Authentic Luxury' is the essence of the beauty and desire that is uniquely you. When your space supports who your truly are, is contains authentic luxury. Being surrounded in beauty is a important part of living life fully, but your space will only FEEL beautiful if it is suited to you and your true self.

To stay in tune with everything 'authentic luxury' here are some inspiration and a recipe for you:

You can find the full inspiration board that we created for this project that is still under way right here.