Creating Successful Outdoor Kitchen & Grill Spaces

When you simply ARE your brand, you attract the right opportunities, the right people, the right things. You become a magnet.

A couple weeks ago, I happened to run into a really cool business guy.

We knew right away that we could help each other, and by that we agreed to talk further about how could we leverage more impact and further improve the lives of our clients.

So...he's cool because he's like me. 😉

Yep. Ken Reiman, President of Custom Distributors has the same desire for everyone his company touches as I do for mine. Even though we offer different products and services, the end result is the same - beauty, ease, joy, more quality time with family, and a more intimate approach to living in your home.

Whereas you may go to Custom Distributors to have their team help you make a full selection of appliances for your new kitchen or outdoor space, what you're also getting is a group who is listening, not selling.

Notice how Ken and I agreed to improve people's lives together, not sell stuff to each other's clients.

When you work with people who listen, you receive what you need.

When you work with people who sell, you receive either what they want you to have, what you think you can't do without, or you walk away.

Speaking with Ken reiterated why listening is so important and I know it's the secret behind our most successful spaces that Flourish has created.

WHO needs outdoor appliances

Many clients ask us to create spaces where they can eat, grill, or surround themselves with the outdoors and have some kind of fire element. While this usually means they need us to help them select the right kind of appliance, materials, or kit of parts for an actual functional item, what they are really saying is there is an experience they'd like to be able to have in a specific new space outside.

WHY do they need help?

From this point we dive deeper, and everyone on the Flourish design team is trained to ask 'Why?' so we can make sure we end up creating a space that tells the story of their lives the way they would like it to be told.

You see, successful outdoor spaces aren't just trends and tricks and pretty things. They are not the latest gadgets and coolest show off gear you can least not on my watch. Those things are passing in their function - conversation pieces and ego boosters at best.

My clients need timeless ways to be more of who they already are. We listen for the things they tell us they want to BE, DO, and HAVE then we paint that picture for them using our language, which is stone, soil, concrete, trees, fire, water, mortar, piping, stereo equipment, grills, nails, logs, fish for ponds....the list goes on.

WHAT do we do?

Our behind the scenes process has hundreds of moving parts and we try to show our clients just the easy, fun pieces so they can focus on their livelihood. That's why people like Ken Reiman and his team at Custom Distributors make our lives so much easier because we need experts at every turn of the process and choosing the right grilling and kitchen equipment is kind of a big deal.

These are investment pieces that need to integrate into a large holistic process and while we choose the framework for WHY our clients need a particular product, the right partner can help ensure us that WHAT we are selecting is appropriate.

The Dangers of Poor Selections

Appliance design can easily be subject to fads and failures of brands that do not work well outside in the elements over time.

One of the biggest failures I see clients go through is when they choose products for their outdoor space BEFORE they begin working with us they end up with items that aren't suited for their lifestyle or made to last.

Many clients have called us in to SAVE them from a choice their previous landscaper made