This moment that Flourish is soaring high on the Spring fling-forward of being ripe and needed, I find myself seeking grounding. Many lovely people have inquired about our services of late and for that I am living in excitement. Our gifts always become embraced this time of year.

What does this ripeness do in its’ most fervent ventures? I seek intangible sources of support as well as friends and family during times of uptick. Relying on and faithfully utilizing a support network which I have cultivated is the greatest wealth I have.

Social gatherings after work, massage, my dear coaches and counselors, brunch with friends, quiet time with kitties, phone calls with mom and dad, and beauty treatments - all these and a beautiful home make even the stress of managing now three ventures joyful most of the time.

A Cincinnati Spring has its fits and starts, but beauty bursts and blooms relentlessly now that I understand what being rich is. Flourish never rests during this time of growth, but inspiration is born out of being in the right groove and doing what we love.

As always I am in complete gratitude for all the people who seek beauty right now and commit themselves to better places, spaces, and experiences through design.

To keep myself present I find myself thinking of the hawks and the owls. Each time I sit at my favorite home in the region, I see these birds calmly go about their business. Hunting, gathering, soaring, living, and loving just as I have set out to assist in others doing the same. People and places build our wealth. Our wealth is the inner feeling of abundance that comes from feeling connected.

Are you hunting, gathering, soaring, living, and loving supported by the right people, places, and things?

Like the hawks and owls naturally let their spirits speak, admitting your truth will always set you free. While the seasons expand and contract, ebb and flow, let your presence help you grow. Naturally it is much easier to be present in a home that supports who you are. Set the stage for abundance in your home and your heart if you haven’t already with more space for family time, cuddle time, me time, or friendly dinner time.

To build a foundation of wealth and love, you do not need to do so alone. If you are ready for a shift in abundance and want to be surrounded by beauty ask us how we can be on your support team for a home transformation.