When I connect with new clients, it is clear that we are going to create something beautiful. That’s why they call me. These are people who have made a decision to invest in the quality of their lives via a space or coaching that enhances who they are.

That’s what I do – actually we do it together, we allow for beauty.

I guide them until we reach this desired outcome.

The journey is not without it’s messy, muddy, chaotic transition period whether we are referring to construction sites or internal change.

After almost twenty years becoming a Beauty Expert, I assure you that anyone can gain access to the most beautiful, authentic version of themselves. Often times this occurs with just a few shifts in perspective.

Don’t believe me?

A new patio, lighting, plantings, and dining area for an 1840’s farmhouse in Mt. Airy.

In years past I used to put my own need for beauty aside. While I was helping clients upgrade their fabulous homes by day, at night I would return to an ugly apartment that I hated. This was just one example of missteps in being honest with who I really am. I had been subscribing to many beliefs that beautiful furnishings, clothes, spaces, relationships – you name it – weren’t for me.

These beliefs weren’t even apparent to me until I started questioning why I wasn’t living how I wanted to.

Eventually I said to myself, how can I maintain the integrity that I am a talented designer of spaces when I don’t even value this for myself?

Worse, I did and do highly value beautiful spaces. I just didn’t think I deserved to be surrounded by beauty.

Didn’t think I could afford what I wanted.

Didn’t want to take the time to look.

Didn’t want to try and have it, and then it not be good enough.

Didn’t want to admit that I felt more comfortable in mediocrity.

Once I realized this was all malarkey, I started changing my environment with fervor because I deserved more. I deserved to be myself.

I had been living a life of TOLERATION and things had to change. I had believed the lies about what external sources were saying about how I should live. I was waiting for this to happen to me, rather than elect to have ME happen to THEM.

Tolerating, it turns out, is a way to hide or set aside truly appropriate and joyful living. When we accept circumstances, rather than work to make them what we desire, we miss out on the most beautiful version of what is there for us.

In contrast to intentionally creating beauty in our lives, by deciding not to tolerate the people, places, and things that distract us from who we really are, we allow for beauty to roll in naturally. This can be a nice scenic route to get to the end goal when perhaps the goal isn’t clear.

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