This 1950s home got a very modern remodel. Our clients wanted the landscape to be just as unique as the style they created inside.


Improvements include plants with a lot of texture and seasonal interest, a purple bluestone entry walkway, their eclectic art, and it had to withstand a couple of big pups.


This couple wanted a hangout space for their family in their suburban backyard.


We helped them create a fire pit area with a seat wall, a patio big enough for a dining set, refreshed the deck with new composite decking, added landscape lighting, and lush plantings.



This client completed a gorgeous interior and exterior renovation of her home and wanted a beautiful yard to match. The challenge was her dogs were digging everywhere and making a big mess.


We limited the amount of digging space in her front yard by eliminating all turf, adding a patio with two seat walls, very sturdy plantings, and landscape lighting with wires run in a dog-proof metal conduit.



This stylish client needed an outdoor hangout space that would compliment her Carl Strauss home. She wanted to be able to drink a glass of wine with a friend in her chaise lounges with the company of her two wire-haired terriers.


We expanded her patio, updated her landscaping, and added some landscape lighting in key focal areas.



This family wanted to enhance the curb appeal of their new suburban home.


We designed their landscape to have low maintenance landscaping that would look good year-round and added a retaining wall that would complement their home.



When you look at what takes a landscape to the next level, it's not necessarily in spending's in the details.

That may mean using the right stone for the border of your patio, the right accent color in a pillow on the porch, a nondescript light in the right place, it all matters to me...

Thank you for viewing my life's work.

- Michelle Andersen, founder of Flourish Design