How to Extend Your Season Outdoors

Living in Cincinnati has challenged me to be resilient against weather. I don't like to allow external things to dictate my mood but inevitably the humidity in the Summer and the grey skies in Winter have their way of throwing a mood curveball to say the least. For those who dislike both heat and grey, that could leave only two enjoyable outdoor seasons in the Tri-State. Why not plan your space to make the most of what is naturally a part of your home, the uncontrollable climate. Whether you are reading this from Cincinnati or not, here's how to allow weather swings to charm you instead of scare you inside. Moseying around It may sound a little too basic but sometimes the obvious is exactly

How to Have a Beautiful Holiday Without Overwhelm & Still Have Great Decor

We've all been there. All of a sudden the marketers and retailers start telling us we should have orange, brown, and yellow in our lives if we are to be a part of the Fall seasonal bliss. Then, naturally they will want us to have red and green or blue and silver themed everything right after that. I have a long and deep relationship with the art of decor, so much so that one of my teenage nicknames was 'Martha'...yes, as in Stewart. While exploring the land of fake decorations and crafts for all holidays, the whole concept ended up falling flat to me. Whenever I tried to decorate the way Michael's or Martha wanted me to, my house looked like it was trying to be something else. Without realiz